Join us for Con Mi MADRE’s 2016 Corazón Awards!

Con Mi MADRE's 2016 Corazón Awards

Save The Date

February 6, 2016

Brazos Hall

6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

After Party 10:00 PM to midnight

The Corazón Awards is Con Mi MADRE’s annual fundraiser. It is an evening full of food, fun, and festivities to increase awareness about Con Mi MADRE, further support the young Latinas and mothers in the program, and to honor those who have supported the organization and it’s mission over the years.

Con Mi MADRE’s Corazón Awards honors individuals making a significant impact on our organization and the Austin community through individual excellence and high levels of accomplishment.

Funds raised by the Corazón Awards help support programming expenses and participating families.​​​

Con Mi MADRE serves young Latinas who predominately come from low-income backgrounds (~62%) and will be the first in their family to pursue post-secondary education (~80%). In 2013, 100% of our seniors graduated high school, 77% of the graduates enrolled into a post-secondary institution, and less than 1% of the entire population we served experienced a teenage pregnancy. Every year we serve approximately 600 mother-daughter teams in the Austin area, but want to serve more.

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2016 Honorees:

Con Mi MADRE Award

Dr. Teresa Lozano Long

Con Mi MADRE Award - Dr. Teresa Lozano Long

Corazón Award

Sylvia Acevedo

Corazón Award - Sylvia Acevedo

Mariposa Award

Seton Healthcare Family

Mariposa Award - Seton Healthcare Family

Latina Relevance: Con Mi MADRE Welcomes Our New Board President, Bianca Bellavia!

Bianca Rodriguez Bellavia (2)Bianca currently leads the communications team for the Seton Foundations, which raised nearly $30 million last year. In her role she provides strategic communications and support for fundraising campaigns within the Seton Healthcare Network, including the $50 million campaign to construct Dell Seton Medical Center at UT. Prior to joining Seton, Bianca was director of brand management at LIVESTRONG where she led various marketing, communications and fundraising efforts, including the launch of the yellow wristband campaign with Nike, which raised more than $55 million through worldwide sales during her tenure. Bianca’s professional career includes marketing and development roles at the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Austin, the National Hispanic Institute, and the YMCA of Austin. A fifth generation Texan, originally from McAllen, Bianca grew up in Georgetown and graduated from Texas A&M University.

Bianca says, “Every time I meet a Con Mi MADRE program participant and her mother, I see so much love, pride, hard work and dedication. I hear stories about big dreams and their passionate commitment to make those dreams a reality. I also feel the genuine gratitude these girls and their mothers have for the invaluable support and resources provided by Con Mi MADRE. In these girls, I see our future: teachers, writers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, policy makers, and community leaders. I am so proud of the work Con Mi MADRE does to empower young Latinas and their mothers through education and support, and I look forward to working with fellow board members, volunteers, and talented staff to further our mission.”

Increasing Graduates: Without Limits! Con Mi MADRE’s Bilingual College and Career Fair

DSCN8133It looked like the biggest pep rally ever at Mendez Middle School this past Saturday, when 12 Universities, 6 STEM Professionals, and 5 Public Service representatives came out to provide information to participants of the Annual Bilingual College and Career Fair called Without Limits!

And there were no limits on the critical information being provided that day by colleges and professionals! Students asked questions to the university representatives like “What % of applicants are accepted to your college and what are the deadlines?” and “What percent of students receive financial aid? Need-based aid? and Merit-based aid?”
We also had students asking the professional representatives about their career, how to prepare for a career after college, and what they needed to do now to become successful in a career after college.

DSCN8112   DSCN8109  DSCN8126  DSCN8128

It was a great day sponsored by DDCE and Concordia University!  See the link below for a full list of Universities present at this month’s fair!

College and Career Fair University List

Who Benefits From Your Donations? Our Girls!

How does Con Mi MADRE use the donations it receives?
Con Mi MADRE accepts donations from large organizations, corporations and individual donors. We offer three levels of merit scholarships to our Seniors and college students. Any donation of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 can contribute to our scholarship awards.  To be eligible for a scholarship, students and their mothers must participate in all of the Con Mi MADRE programs and conferences, in addition to providing 15 hours of volunteer service to the community.
Other than scholarships, how can my single donation be used?
Here is an abridged breakdown of different donation amounts and how Con Mi MADRE uses them to serve our mother daughter teams.
$1000 – Every $1,000 donation can provide scholarship to a Senior or college student in our program
$750   – Provides Con Mi MADRE programming for one deserving mother daughter team for one year
$500   – Provides inspiring experiences and networking opportunities at our Annual Leadership Summit Conference
$250   – Helps one Con Mi MADRE Senior attend Senior College Academy, the Bilingual College & Career Fair, and Alumni Events
$100  – Fund one mother-daughter team college visit in the Central Texas area
$50    – Help one Con Mi MADRE team pay the fee for one college application and one college entrance exam
$25    – Support training of volunteers in our Senior Advising Program

How does my donation serve the program directly?
Con Mi MADRE rarely turns away mother daughter teams. However, the more donations we receive, the more mother daughter teams we can serve. Our current program model is 1 programming staffer, serving 4 schools, assisting approximately 130 students. In order to serve more students, we need to hire more staff.  But we cannot hire more staff to serve more of the community without your help. Currently, there are over 8,000 young Latinas in AISD who are on the free & reduced lunch program.  These girls are our demographic.  These are the girls who could benefit most from Con Mi MADRE programs. Unfortunately, we are only scratching the surface by being able to serve LESS than 10% of them do to limited resources.

LAGC-imageThe Madrina/Padrino Giving Circle – What is it and who does it serve?

(Can someone help me out and let me know exactly what this is?)

Our goal for the Madrina/Padrino Giving Circle is $100,000 this year. We are only a quarter of the way there and that is because the Madrinas/Padrinos from last year have committed that money. We need more participants in this giving circle.

Donations support conferences too!
Programs cost money, scholarships cost money, and our conferences are no different! In order for us to provide keynote speakers like Mrs. Rosie Castro, and Democratic Representative, Celia Israel, we need to raise over $20,000 in donations and grants PER CONFERENCE. Con Mi MADRE holds 5 conferences a year; that’s over $100,000 that is necessary in order to offer leadership opportunities to our future Latina Leaders!
So you see, every dollar counts. In order for us to continue to offer STEM conferences, Civic Engagement opportunities, College Tours and academic scholarships, we need your donations. Con Mi MADRE has the opportunity to touch so many with so little. Donate today! Every little bit counts!

Giving Back: Con Mi MADRE Success Story – Kimberly Falcon

Kimberly Falcon is a graduate of our Con Mi MADRE program and one of the hundreds of reasons why we do what we do, and why we love what we do! 

Being a member of Con Mi MADRE for eleven years has been an incredible journey. How many organizations can say that they help their members succeed through middle school, high school and university? Con Mi MADRE helped me by teaching me about the importance of good study habits, healthy eating, and honest communication.  I learned how to open up and talk to my mom as well as how to reach out for help when I needed it most. KimberlyF

When I began my journey with Con Mi MADRE, I was just beginning middle school.  I was so excited to take my first trip to a local college.  I thought “This is what my future could look like if I do well in school and follow the program curriculum.”  After that trip, I knew I was going to be better prepared for the future and I was totally excited about getting my Bachelor’s degree.

Over the course of my undergrad, I was very fortunate to receive financial help from Con Mi MADRE by earning two major scholarships through their program assistance. The support offered by Con Mi MADRE has helped me surpass my dreams.  Because of the immense support and encouragement from my mentor Karla Salas, I was confident enough to leave the nest and study abroad in France.

The staff at Con Mi MADRE have been like second mothers to me.  They have guided me through my program, and offered summer conferences where I learned about inspiring and powerful Latins women and how to own my voice! IMG_9391

Thank you Con Mi MADRE for helping me grow into the powerful Latina I am today. I am very grateful to be an alumni of this incredible organization that strives to give every girl a chance to make a difference in her life. 

Relational Education: Con Mi MADRE’s 2015 Orientation

DSCN8052At the beginning of this school year, Con Mi MADRE wanted to bring a sense of support to our teams and staff through our Annual Orientation event held at St. Andrews Episcopal School. Our Orientation event involved crucial information to help our new members understand their path through the program while also engaging mom and daughter in team and confidence building exercises.  It was a delight to see mothers and daughters working together, laughing together and cheering each DSCN8046other on during the team exercises, but we believe the most fun part of the day was when mom and daughter worked together allowing their creativity to blossom while designing their very own mamí y mi jewelry.  With creativity flowing, mom and daughter made one unique piece of jewelry to keep and one to donate to Con Mi MADRE’s charitable auction.DSCN8053

Con Mi MADRE’s goal is to nourish the bond between mother and daughter through our conferences and events.  We work diligently to help our ladies strengthen their relationship.

​By developing stronger ties within each mother/daughter team, our programming staff strives to make our girls feel supported academically in addition to helping facilitate the emotional and social support of their mothers. DSCN8017

Latina Relevance: Leadership Summit 2015

IMG_5708Our summer was jam packed with exciting events, but our most exciting event was the Con Mi MADRE 2015 Leadership Summit: Viva La Girl, Viva La Mujer!

Every year Con Mi MADRE invites our mother/daughter teams to experience the college dream firsthand with a 2 day conference at the University of Texas at Austin, complete with an overnight stay in a UT dorm. For many of our girls, this is the first time they have spent a night away from home, so you can imagine the exhilaration, excitement and sometimes fear that our girls experience.

IMG_5725This year, our conference agenda included A-list speakers including Political Activist, Mrs. Rosie Castro, mother to Julian Castro, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. House Representative, Joaquin Castro, Democratic House Representative, Celia Israel, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler and many more.  Each speaker gave insight on how our girls and mothers could make a difference personally and in their communities by practicing mindful “Civic Engagement”.

Read more from Rosie Castro.

Mother’s Day at Con Mi MADRE: A daughter’s letter to her mother

Dear Mommy,

​Thank you for everything.

​Thank you for making this building around us a home that protects our wonderful family. Thank you for making it clear that we will still be a family, even when I move away for school. Thank you for encouraging education. Thank you for empowering me. I would not be the person I am today without a mother like you.

As a mother, you have done so much more than give birth to me, feed me, and give me a place to live. Your love has shown me what it means to be a good person and how to care for others. Your support has given me the courage to branch out and try new things. By joining Con Mi MADRE you gave us the opportunity to have many important conversations—about education, bullying communication, the future. Con a I MADRE has brought us together at time we might have been working individually, on homework or planting flowers. Con Mi MADRE has been informative, supportive, and, most importantly, a good reason for us to spend time together thinking about and learning about important ideas for the future.

While we occasionally disagree, 95 percent of the time, you are my biggest supporter, and I know you will always be my strongest advocate. I see how hard you work, at school and at home, and I strive to be as strong as you, as perseverant as you, as loving as you.

​I’m sad that I will be leaving home in just over three months, but I am ecstatic about what lies ahead. And you helped prepare me for these adventures. I know we will continue to have a loving and supportive relationship, no matter how far apart we are. You have taught me and shown me how to live as a daughter of God.

​I am immensely grateful for all of our conversations and all the time we spend together. I am so happy to be able to call you Mom. Today is your day, so take a deep breath (because daughters can give advice too, right?), relax, and don’t worry too much. We are together as a family, and that’s what matters most (and, to make it better, we know I’m going to college next year!). Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and hugs always,

Frankie Marchan

Con Mi MADRE participant, Class of 2015


Mother’s Day at Con Mi MADRE: An alumna’s perspective


In just a few short days I will be celebrating my very First Mother’s day, the thought of this is very exciting and surreal. For the past 25 years all I have done is made one special lady, My Mami, feel special. This year we will not only will be celebrate but we will share this special day now both being MOTHER’S.

My Mami has been my biggest supporter, my true friend, and my role model. She has taught me that being humble, hard working, honest, loving and caring will open doors for me and will allow me to grow into a person who will have potential to reach anything and everything I set my mind to. She moved to this country 21 years ago along with my father, my sister and I. She made many sacrifices and did everything in her power to ensure that our family be educated and successful.

One of the many things she did, for me and my sisters, was joined Con Mi MADRE, back then known as the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program. I’m sure that when she joined she had no idea the incredible impact it would have in the future of all three of her daughters. Con Mi MADRE was the light that guided my Mami and I through the college process making me the first in our Family to achieve a bachelors and a masters degree from a four year University. Because of Con Mi MADRE my mother and I had the opportunity to become educated together, to understand that her support was vital to my success, and for me to personally know that in this world there will never be anyone that will support me and love me as much as my Mami does and always will.

As I think about what type of mother I want to be and how I want my daughter to view me, all I can honestly say is “I want to be to her, what my Mami has been for me”. Those words sound very simple but have so much responsibility, love, and commitment attached to them. I have a long road ahead of me since Karlie is only 5 months old but I am ready for the challenge.

To all our Con Mi MADRE Mom’s and specially to Connie Suarez, my Mami, Thank you for holding our hands, having our backs and walking through this Con Mi MADRE journey with us. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

With love,

Karen Gonzalez, LMSW


Lead Program Coordinator

Mother’s Day at Con Mi MADRE: A board members perspective

My mom is my world.

My mom is the magnet in my compass and has been since I can remember. I watched my single, working mom with three children do it all. She packed lunches, attended sports games, volunteered at school, proofread homework, read bedtime stories, stuck encouraging notes in our books or in our lunch bags and most days managed to wake up early to do her yoga. Those were crazy, chaotic, hectic days but we survived because of her. She was and still very much is my personal on-call-24/7- drop-everything-to-get-on-a-plane-to-me superwoman. I am grateful for her every minute of everyday.

Two years ago I learned I was to become a mother to my own daughter. I worried a lot. My mom set a high standard and I thought for nine-months about all the ways my mom made me feel special and how I’d duplicate her style of mothering for my daughter. How was I ever going to do it all? I soon found out. The arrival of Eliza Mae gave me access into a world I’d never known, a mother’s club. On May 24, 2013 I learned something that gave me a whole new understanding of my own mom. On the day I became a mother, like every other mother, I became a superhero – able to leap over the greatest of life’s hurdles in one bound and tackle any work/life balance scenario with the (sometimes not-so) greatest of ease. Our little 7lb. Eliza Mae arrived and introduced me to the woman I had always hoped I’d become. My world cracked open and everything I had once believed about my limitations as a person, vanished and my capabilities duplicated by infinity. When it came to being a wife and a mother, I had new superhuman powers. Just like my mom did.

In my involvement with Con Mi MADRE, I am introduced to superheroes everyday, Mothers (and fathers) and daughters exercising superhuman strength to accomplish their goals to achieve their highest quality of life. My commitment to Con Mi MADRE is to honor the investment my mom made in me and to teach my daughter to give back to her community. My mom always told me, ‘you will become whatever you decide you want to become,’ and I did. It is my hope, through my involvement with Con Mi MADRE I can help to expose our girls to all the choices they have in this life and to remind them, that with a superhero like their Mothers in their corner, they can achieve whatever they decide. There’s a big life to live and big decisions to make, today is a good day to get started.

Happiest of Mother’s Day from our house to yours,


Brooke Goggans
Board Member, Con Mi MADRE