Latina Inspired Halloween Costumes

BY STEPHANIE DE LA CRUZ Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than dressing up as a strong Latina role model!? Check out the pictures below for inspiration!   Rita Moreno Sonia Sotomayor  Selena Quintanilla  Frida Kahlo  We hope this inspires you to find your inner #EmpoweredLatina! Happy Halloween from … Continue reading Latina Inspired Halloween Costumes

Thanksgiving with Latino Flair

Being a Latino in the US makes for a unique experience growing up. It means shifting between an English-speaking world and a Spanish-speaking one almost seamlessly. It means being a part of two cultures, each with its own set of traditions, cuisine, history and values. A Latino life, quite simply, is a fusion in more … Continue reading Thanksgiving with Latino Flair

Dia De Los Muertos vs. Halloween

Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos are two holidays that are often misconstrued by people to be the one and the same. Some believe Dia De Los Muertos to be the Mexican version of Halloween - which is not true. They are two separate holidays with different origins, beliefs, festivities and meanings. They may fall … Continue reading Dia De Los Muertos vs. Halloween

The Prepárte Conference

by Sonia Castellanos, Program Director In May, I attended the Prepárte: Educating Latinos for the Future of America conference ( hosted by College Board ( in Miami, Florida. The event lasted three days and featured a variety of panels and sessions hosted by various experts in the industry, all focused around college preparedness and the … Continue reading The Prepárte Conference