Maricela in Morocco – CMM Student Interns Abroad

Our driven Latinas are accomplishing goals they never thought possible. They’re living the the Con Mi MADRE mission of shooting for the stars and surpassing expectations. They’re traveling the world and realizing dreams. Maricela Castro shares how she succeeded in securing an internship in Morocco and how the whole experience has changed her life. “Hi … Continue reading Maricela in Morocco – CMM Student Interns Abroad

A LAWtina’s Journey

Amanda Lopez was a young sixth grader at Covington Middle School when she and her mother first joined Con Mi MADRE (then known as the Junior League of Austin Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program) back in 2000. Amanda was eager to become a participant; she wanted an outlet to connect with other Latinas in her community, gain … Continue reading A LAWtina’s Journey

Veteran CMM Member Turned Rookie Intern

On August 18th, Con Mi MADRE welcomed its newest Communications intern, Anais Cruz. I've been part of Con Mi MADRE since 2006 and am currently a Success student.  I will be starting my third year at St. Edward's University on Monday! I am studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a specialization in Public … Continue reading Veteran CMM Member Turned Rookie Intern

The Prepárte Conference

by Sonia Castellanos, Program Director In May, I attended the Prepárte: Educating Latinos for the Future of America conference ( hosted by College Board ( in Miami, Florida. The event lasted three days and featured a variety of panels and sessions hosted by various experts in the industry, all focused around college preparedness and the … Continue reading The Prepárte Conference