Fort Worth = Another Success Story

In fall 2018, Con Mi MADRE began providing services to young Latinas and their mothers in the Fort Worth area. Less than a year later, we can already see the impact our program is making on our newest participants.

In May, one of our mothers from the FW chapter shared her story and gratitude to Con Mi MADRE.

“Not enough can be said about how grateful I am to have come across the Con Mi MADRE program. I was introduced to this program, by its director Mrs. Banda, who had a table set up in Riverside Middle School hallway. She spoke about the program and how they help families like mine. We signed up and its been great since. This program has helped me in so many areas of my life and my daughters. My daughter has been more confident and more talkative. I only wish this program was available to my family as I was growing up. After their monthly gatherings, my daughter comes home happy and excited which was very difficult for her before. This program also helped me seek and find [resources] for her, which I didn’t even know she needed. We constantly boast about the Con Mi MADRE program to family and friends. We are truly grateful. Not only is my daughter benefiting from this program, but also my Autistic son is. Mrs. Banda has graciously become our advocate… She helped us receive the services that we needed. She also helped me with other appointments… To many, this is just another outreach program, but to my family and many other families this is a life-changing program, I thank God that this program is in place. I can go on and on about Con Mi MADRE but its help and results show for itself. I truly believe many daughters and their families can and will benefit from this program. God willing it never comes to an end.”

–Beneranda, Fort Worth participant

This is just one of the many ways Con Mi MADRE is making an impact on families across the state. And as you can see, it doesn’t take long to become part of the Con Mi MADRE familia!

We’ve had a blast at Fort Worth and thank our Program Director Lubia Banda Gwak, Fort Worth ISD, the numerous volunteers & presenters, and, of course, our families for making it a great inaugural year!

See more photos on the Con Mi MADRE – Fort Worth Facebook Page!

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