Back to School


Excited for a new school year? Con Mi MADRE sure is! Our three chapters are in full swing hosting campus meetings at the following Texas locations:

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Apart from conducting weekly meetings at our schools, we’ll be hosting conferences, fairs, workshops, college trips, and much more throughout the year!

If you’re like us and staying busy, here are some tips to help you de-stress.


Practice Self Care
Whether it’s listening to music, indulging in your hobbies, or simply taking a bath, it’s important to take care of your needs. Putting yourself first allows you to recharge and is essential to do from time to time. You’ll feel more at ease while making the school year feel less scary!

Take Mental Breaks
It’s important to take breaks and let your mind relax. Stretch your muscles, grab a snack, and drink plenty of water! Taking time to recuperate will help you retain more information without feeling exhausted. This will come in handy when you’re preparing for exams or doing research for essays.

Be Physically Active
Don’t forget to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping! Simple exercises such as jumping jacks, jogging, or yoga will have multiple benefits. Along with keeping you healthy, it will help you be more alert in class catching any important details that will help you stay ahead of the game!

We hope these tips will help your school year feel less stressful!

We understand that life happens and sometimes we need an extra helping hand. 
If that’s the case, be sure to reach out to one of our CMM offices. We’re always ready and happy to assist you and your family!

T: (512) 467-4483                          T: (512) 537-2922                       T: (817)-984-3633    

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