Maricela in Morocco – CMM Student Interns Abroad

Our driven Latinas are accomplishing goals they never thought possible. They’re living the the Con Mi MADRE mission of shooting for the stars and surpassing expectations. They’re traveling the world and realizing dreams.

Maricela Castro shares how she succeeded in securing an internship in Morocco and how the whole experience has changed her life.

“Hi Latina Lads, I’m currently in Tetouan, Morocco studying abroad receiving my intermediate arabic credits for my International Studies-International Business Major.

I’m a double major, also majoring in Criminal Justice. I hope to work in the State Department someday as a Foreign Service Officer.

I love exploring the world, meeting new people, inspiring others, and giving back. I honestly didn’t think I would study abroad, although I knew my degree plan required it.

It wasn’t until I saw my professor, Noha Mohama-Akkari, in December during finals walking around and I thanked her for all I learned (2 years ago) in the beginning Arabic classes, and that I had received many compliments on my great writing skills.

She replied telling me to come to the study abroad Morocco information meeting in January, which I did, leading me to apply before the February deadline. A week later, I received a congratulations email acceptation letter from the study abroad office.

The feeling was overwhelming for me, it felt unreal. I, me? Studying abroad? None of my family had done, or even attempted going outside of the country. I felt excited, curious, at some moments anxious in a good way, anticipating what was to come next.

Morocco has changed my life, I’ve always talked about how people live differently in other parts of the world, and I’ve been able to actually LIVE it, it’s completely different than talking about it.

Follow me on my journey and do not hesitate to contact me for questions, I love you all, make your DREAMS to REALITY. You are in charge of YOUR life.

Never hesitate to contact Con Mi Madre for assistance, they’re all here for us and want to see us succeed. Thank you Con Mi Madre for supporting me on my journey and awarding me a scholarship for my internship. Thank you for always being here.”

Check out Maricela’s on-going blog posts at her blog, Maricela in Morocco.

See more photos on Maricela’s blog

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