College Trip


Last week, we announced Con Mi MADRE’s participation in Amplify Austin and our goal to cover the costs of a CMM College Trip.

Beginning at 6pm tonight, you have the power to make this goal a reality! 

Con Mi MADRE often works with families whose daughter will be the first person to attend and graduate from college.

We want families to experience various college campuses and environments, understand the resources available to them, and see themselves as a college student for a day, which is why we provide our mother-daughter teams the opportunity to attend college visits across Texas.

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In the past, we have visited schools such as Rice University, Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Women’s College, and Angelo State University to name a few. We try to host 3 college trips per year to provide as many experiences to our mother-daughter teams as possible.

Will you open up the possibilities of what the many colleges of Texas have to offer them by covering the cost of our overnight college trip?

Help our Mothers And Daughters Raise Expectations during Amplify Austin!

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