CMM Kindness Week Challenge

National Random Acts of Kindness day is this Sunday, Feb. 17 and in honor of this wonderful day, we decided to start a kindness challenge for the week. During this time we really wanted people to think about what it means to be kind, and with Valentine’s Day in the middle of the week, we figured it would make spreading the love a little easier.

As the week went by we realized that random acts of kindness don’t always have to be grand gestures, but instead can start from the inside. Being kind to yourself is something that can easily be forgotten in the day-to-day. Yet, taking care of yourself is so important because not doing so takes away energy from helping those around you.

Putting themselves first is something that a lot of moms put on the back burner to focus more on the family. For this week full of kindness and love we just want to take a moment to thank our moms for all they do.

[Add in image: Mother-daughter hugging; can be from our Corazon Mother-Daughter Honorees in Facebook]

And, just because the week is coming to an end doesn’t mean that the kindness needs to stop. Take five minutes and call your mom or grandma and simply tell them you love them. Or why not write a letter to someone you love expressing how much they mean to you or even write one to yourself. These small acts can brighten up anyone’s day. 💖

Remember to spread some kindness around every day and use the hashtag #CMMKindnessWeek to inspire others!

Looking to amplify your kindness?

Participate in our Amplify Austin campaign! Amplify Austin is an exciting 24-hour community fundraiser and is all about giving locally (“I Live Here, I Give Here” a.k.a #ILHIGH)!

Check out our campaign page TODAY (using the link below) to donate early or from Thursday, February 28th @ 6 pm through Friday, March 1st @ 6 pm. 

CMM Amplify Austin Page

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