Meet Bonnie and Jo Ann Campbell

Bonnie is a senior at Bowie High School and has been a Con Mi MADRE participant since 6th grade. She is hoping to attend St. Edward’s University and was offered a Dean’s Scholarship for $20,000/year.

We asked Bonnie to reflect on her six years involved with Con Mi MADRE and share the impact it has made in her life.

“I feel like Con Mi MADRE has impacted me in a huge way throughout middle and high school. I feel like it has made me more confident in planning my future, ESPECIALLY when it came to getting me ready for college applications, SAT testingandfinancial aid.

And, it has made me an overall more confident person because being in a group with a bunch of other strong Latina women has obviously proven to be a very empowering environment!” -Bonnie C

Jo Ann, Bonnie’s mother, always felt a closeness to her daughter, but through the program, she feels she’s had the opportunity to really see how important Bonnie’s desire to go to college is making it more important for Jo Ann too. 

“The program does a very good job at promoting empowerment and that’s what I learned to do with Bonnie – to show her that there’s a community behind her, rooting for her, ready to help at any time.” – Jo Ann C

Through your support, we are able to empower young Latinas one mother-daughter team at a time!


If you liked to make a donation to continue supporting teams such as Bonnie and Jo Ann, please click here.

Thank You!

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