Increasing Graduates: Without Limits! Con Mi MADRE’s Bilingual College and Career Fair

DSCN8133It looked like the biggest pep rally ever at Mendez Middle School this past Saturday, when 12 Universities, 6 STEM Professionals, and 5 Public Service representatives came out to provide information to participants of the Annual Bilingual College and Career Fair called Without Limits!

And there were no limits on the critical information being provided that day by colleges and professionals! Students asked questions to the university representatives like “What % of applicants are accepted to your college and what are the deadlines?” and “What percent of students receive financial aid? Need-based aid? and Merit-based aid?”
We also had students asking the professional representatives about their career, how to prepare for a career after college, and what they needed to do now to become successful in a career after college.

DSCN8112   DSCN8109  DSCN8126  DSCN8128

It was a great day sponsored by DDCE and Concordia University!  See the link below for a full list of Universities present at this month’s fair!

College and Career Fair University List

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