Who Benefits From Your Donations? Our Girls!

How does Con Mi MADRE use the donations it receives?
Con Mi MADRE accepts donations from large organizations, corporations and individual donors. We offer three levels of merit scholarships to our Seniors and college students. Any donation of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 can contribute to our scholarship awards.  To be eligible for a scholarship, students and their mothers must participate in all of the Con Mi MADRE programs and conferences, in addition to providing 15 hours of volunteer service to the community.
Other than scholarships, how can my single donation be used?
Here is an abridged breakdown of different donation amounts and how Con Mi MADRE uses them to serve our mother daughter teams.
$1000 – Every $1,000 donation can provide scholarship to a Senior or college student in our program
$750   – Provides Con Mi MADRE programming for one deserving mother daughter team for one year
$500   – Provides inspiring experiences and networking opportunities at our Annual Leadership Summit Conference
$250   – Helps one Con Mi MADRE Senior attend Senior College Academy, the Bilingual College & Career Fair, and Alumni Events
$100  – Fund one mother-daughter team college visit in the Central Texas area
$50    – Help one Con Mi MADRE team pay the fee for one college application and one college entrance exam
$25    – Support training of volunteers in our Senior Advising Program

How does my donation serve the program directly?
Con Mi MADRE rarely turns away mother daughter teams. However, the more donations we receive, the more mother daughter teams we can serve. Our current program model is 1 programming staffer, serving 4 schools, assisting approximately 130 students. In order to serve more students, we need to hire more staff.  But we cannot hire more staff to serve more of the community without your help. Currently, there are over 8,000 young Latinas in AISD who are on the free & reduced lunch program.  These girls are our demographic.  These are the girls who could benefit most from Con Mi MADRE programs. Unfortunately, we are only scratching the surface by being able to serve LESS than 10% of them do to limited resources.

LAGC-imageThe Madrina/Padrino Giving Circle – What is it and who does it serve?

(Can someone help me out and let me know exactly what this is?)

Our goal for the Madrina/Padrino Giving Circle is $100,000 this year. We are only a quarter of the way there and that is because the Madrinas/Padrinos from last year have committed that money. We need more participants in this giving circle.

Donations support conferences too!
Programs cost money, scholarships cost money, and our conferences are no different! In order for us to provide keynote speakers like Mrs. Rosie Castro, and Democratic Representative, Celia Israel, we need to raise over $20,000 in donations and grants PER CONFERENCE. Con Mi MADRE holds 5 conferences a year; that’s over $100,000 that is necessary in order to offer leadership opportunities to our future Latina Leaders!
So you see, every dollar counts. In order for us to continue to offer STEM conferences, Civic Engagement opportunities, College Tours and academic scholarships, we need your donations. Con Mi MADRE has the opportunity to touch so many with so little. Donate today! Every little bit counts!

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