Relational Education: Con Mi MADRE’s 2015 Orientation

DSCN8052At the beginning of this school year, Con Mi MADRE wanted to bring a sense of support to our teams and staff through our Annual Orientation event held at St. Andrews Episcopal School. Our Orientation event involved crucial information to help our new members understand their path through the program while also engaging mom and daughter in team and confidence building exercises.  It was a delight to see mothers and daughters working together, laughing together and cheering each DSCN8046other on during the team exercises, but we believe the most fun part of the day was when mom and daughter worked together allowing their creativity to blossom while designing their very own mamí y mi jewelry.  With creativity flowing, mom and daughter made one unique piece of jewelry to keep and one to donate to Con Mi MADRE’s charitable auction.DSCN8053

Con Mi MADRE’s goal is to nourish the bond between mother and daughter through our conferences and events.  We work diligently to help our ladies strengthen their relationship.

​By developing stronger ties within each mother/daughter team, our programming staff strives to make our girls feel supported academically in addition to helping facilitate the emotional and social support of their mothers. DSCN8017

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