Giving Back: Con Mi MADRE Success Story – Kimberly Falcon

Kimberly Falcon is a graduate of our Con Mi MADRE program and one of the hundreds of reasons why we do what we do, and why we love what we do! 

Being a member of Con Mi MADRE for eleven years has been an incredible journey. How many organizations can say that they help their members succeed through middle school, high school and university? Con Mi MADRE helped me by teaching me about the importance of good study habits, healthy eating, and honest communication.  I learned how to open up and talk to my mom as well as how to reach out for help when I needed it most. KimberlyF

When I began my journey with Con Mi MADRE, I was just beginning middle school.  I was so excited to take my first trip to a local college.  I thought “This is what my future could look like if I do well in school and follow the program curriculum.”  After that trip, I knew I was going to be better prepared for the future and I was totally excited about getting my Bachelor’s degree.

Over the course of my undergrad, I was very fortunate to receive financial help from Con Mi MADRE by earning two major scholarships through their program assistance. The support offered by Con Mi MADRE has helped me surpass my dreams.  Because of the immense support and encouragement from my mentor Karla Salas, I was confident enough to leave the nest and study abroad in France.

The staff at Con Mi MADRE have been like second mothers to me.  They have guided me through my program, and offered summer conferences where I learned about inspiring and powerful Latins women and how to own my voice! IMG_9391

Thank you Con Mi MADRE for helping me grow into the powerful Latina I am today. I am very grateful to be an alumni of this incredible organization that strives to give every girl a chance to make a difference in her life. 

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