Mother’s Day at Con Mi MADRE: An alumna’s perspective


In just a few short days I will be celebrating my very First Mother’s day, the thought of this is very exciting and surreal. For the past 25 years all I have done is made one special lady, My Mami, feel special. This year we will not only will be celebrate but we will share this special day now both being MOTHER’S.

My Mami has been my biggest supporter, my true friend, and my role model. She has taught me that being humble, hard working, honest, loving and caring will open doors for me and will allow me to grow into a person who will have potential to reach anything and everything I set my mind to. She moved to this country 21 years ago along with my father, my sister and I. She made many sacrifices and did everything in her power to ensure that our family be educated and successful.

One of the many things she did, for me and my sisters, was joined Con Mi MADRE, back then known as the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program. I’m sure that when she joined she had no idea the incredible impact it would have in the future of all three of her daughters. Con Mi MADRE was the light that guided my Mami and I through the college process making me the first in our Family to achieve a bachelors and a masters degree from a four year University. Because of Con Mi MADRE my mother and I had the opportunity to become educated together, to understand that her support was vital to my success, and for me to personally know that in this world there will never be anyone that will support me and love me as much as my Mami does and always will.

As I think about what type of mother I want to be and how I want my daughter to view me, all I can honestly say is “I want to be to her, what my Mami has been for me”. Those words sound very simple but have so much responsibility, love, and commitment attached to them. I have a long road ahead of me since Karlie is only 5 months old but I am ready for the challenge.

To all our Con Mi MADRE Mom’s and specially to Connie Suarez, my Mami, Thank you for holding our hands, having our backs and walking through this Con Mi MADRE journey with us. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

With love,

Karen Gonzalez, LMSW


Lead Program Coordinator

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