Mother’s Day at Con Mi MADRE: A board members perspective

My mom is my world.

My mom is the magnet in my compass and has been since I can remember. I watched my single, working mom with three children do it all. She packed lunches, attended sports games, volunteered at school, proofread homework, read bedtime stories, stuck encouraging notes in our books or in our lunch bags and most days managed to wake up early to do her yoga. Those were crazy, chaotic, hectic days but we survived because of her. She was and still very much is my personal on-call-24/7- drop-everything-to-get-on-a-plane-to-me superwoman. I am grateful for her every minute of everyday.

Two years ago I learned I was to become a mother to my own daughter. I worried a lot. My mom set a high standard and I thought for nine-months about all the ways my mom made me feel special and how I’d duplicate her style of mothering for my daughter. How was I ever going to do it all? I soon found out. The arrival of Eliza Mae gave me access into a world I’d never known, a mother’s club. On May 24, 2013 I learned something that gave me a whole new understanding of my own mom. On the day I became a mother, like every other mother, I became a superhero – able to leap over the greatest of life’s hurdles in one bound and tackle any work/life balance scenario with the (sometimes not-so) greatest of ease. Our little 7lb. Eliza Mae arrived and introduced me to the woman I had always hoped I’d become. My world cracked open and everything I had once believed about my limitations as a person, vanished and my capabilities duplicated by infinity. When it came to being a wife and a mother, I had new superhuman powers. Just like my mom did.

In my involvement with Con Mi MADRE, I am introduced to superheroes everyday, Mothers (and fathers) and daughters exercising superhuman strength to accomplish their goals to achieve their highest quality of life. My commitment to Con Mi MADRE is to honor the investment my mom made in me and to teach my daughter to give back to her community. My mom always told me, ‘you will become whatever you decide you want to become,’ and I did. It is my hope, through my involvement with Con Mi MADRE I can help to expose our girls to all the choices they have in this life and to remind them, that with a superhero like their Mothers in their corner, they can achieve whatever they decide. There’s a big life to live and big decisions to make, today is a good day to get started.

Happiest of Mother’s Day from our house to yours,


Brooke Goggans
Board Member, Con Mi MADRE

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