Con Mi MADRE Celebrations

The month of October has been full of celebrations for Con Mi MADRE!

We celebrated Will’s birthday, our Director of Finance.

will bday

We also celebrated Karla’s birthday, our Program Director.

karla bday

Con Mi MADRE’s Lead Program Coordinator, Karen will be a madre herself next month! Karen will be welcoming baby Karlie November 22nd. We helped welcome Karlie this month by throwing Karen a surprise baby shower.

karen bshower5

Here is what Karen had to say about becoming a mother:

“Becoming a mother is a very exciting chapter for me. It is something me, my husband, and our family are looking forward to since Karlie will be the first grand baby on both sides. It will be an amazing journey for everyone and we are all very excited to meet our little one.

I don’t know how Karlie will be, or what she will look like but I am already very much in LOVE with the idea of being her mother. Also, Karlie will be born into a huge family of girls, almost all of my female cousins on my maternal side have either gone through the Con Mi MADRE Program (including myself)  or are currently in it. I hope this is a tradition that I can share with my daughter in the far future.”

Congratulations Karen!

                karen bshower3        karen bshower4

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