Mother’s Day Memories #ConMiMADRE

To raise awareness of Con Mi MADRE’s mission of empowering young Latinas and their mothers through educational and support services, please post your favorite memory of your mom using #ConMiMADRE on our facebook and twitter pages. 

It is unbelievable to think that I will be celebrating my first mother’s day this year. Although I have not been a mother for that long (7 weeks to be exact), I have learned so much from this experience and have a new respect for mothers everywhere.

When I think back on all of the valuable lessons my mother taught me, none stick out more than education and knowledge are the keys to success. She always wanted a better life for her children and knew that getting an education was a key component in that. One of the steps we took to insuring that goal was joining Con Mi MADRE (or how it was then known as the Junior League of Austin Mother-Daughter Hispanic Program). We not only learned about college and the college entrance process, but other important skills, such as growing our self-esteem, learning how to communicate as mother and daughter and so much more. Most importantly, though, it was a time for us to bond…to grow our relationship while working towards a greater purpose.

As I reflect back on this year’s mother’s day, I am grateful to have had a mother who cared enough to want the best for me and make the initial steps to ensure a successful path for her daughter. I plan to make the same steps and goals for my daughter as well.

Thank you Con Mi MADRE for all of the memories you helped me make con mi madre.

Grandmother, mom, little baby and me
Grandmother, mom, little baby and me


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