Get Ready. Get Enrolled. Persist: Maricela

Con Mi MADRE interviewed Maricela, a CMM graduate who is now a participant in the CMM G.R.A.D program.  As she gets ready for her freshman year, she is looking forward to classes and her new home away from home.


Classification: Freshman

University: Texas State University

Major:  Criminal Justice

Why did you join Con Mi MADRE?

I joined Con Mi MADRE my sophomore year of high school because my sister was in it. I went to one of their ceremonies with my sister and kept coming back. CMM helps us help ourselves and it has created a strong bond between my sister, mom and family, while helping us advance in our education.

Why are you excited about transitioning into the G.R.A.D program?

I am excited to be in the G.R.A.D. Program because Con Mi Madre helped me become successful in the two years I was in the program. I also knew I would need people to talk to because I was the first person in my family to attend college. I will be able to continue learning through Con Mi MADRE and it’s extremely helpful to hear everyone else’s story.

What is the hardest part of applying to college?

One of the hardest parts of applying to college was turning things in on time. Getting my SAT scores in on time was so difficult for me, which is why I would tell other girls to do everything their junior year. They should make sure to take their SAT or ACT tests and turn them into their school of choice as soon as possible. Because your senior year of high school you’ll just be focusing on filling out scholarship applications, not taking tests.

Do you have any words of advice for other girls?

Make sure you fill out the FASFA! My parents filled out mine, so I had to keep on pestering them and asking them until they finished it. My dad was late, so make sure you don’t turn in your FASFA late.

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