I Live Here, I Give Here…Amplify AUSTIN!


Can you imagine how $1 million could change the Austin community?

Well, pretty soon you may see this turn into a reality!

Amplify Austin is Austin’s first community-wide giving festival and they are challenging our local community to raise $1 million in 24 hours. That’s right $1 million in ONE DAY.

The results of this campaign can do wonders for ATX as well as our local non-profits.

Here’s why:

Starting on March 4th at 7PM, the website AmplifyATX.org will be turned into a giving site where you can search for a non-profit that you love by name (or by any nonprofit whose cause you support). At that time you can donate any amount you want to the non-profit. Remember, every donation—no matter what size—counts.

Then, not only will donations be matched, but every hour Amplify Austin will give out $1,000 to the nonprofits that generate the most dollars or donors!


This could really help the missions of nonprofits like Con Mi MADRE, and we are proud to say we are a part of the Amplify Austin campaign. Look for us on March 4th until the end of the campaign on March 5th at 7PM.

We’re hoping to make an impact to help increase the representation of Latina girls in higher education as well as building a stronger bi-lingual workforce in the Austin community.

Help us continue our tradition of success in our beloved ATX!

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